Welcome to Admiral's Place Event Hall

Thank you for your interest in Admiral’s Place. We take great pride in offering this first class rental space for special functions on your calendar. Whether you need a location for meetings, parties, dinners, shows, a wedding or other special events, Admiral’s Place is a choice location to consider.

As you drive up to Admiral’s Place, you immediately notice its friendly exterior with lots of parking and a covered entrance. Automatic doors and an elevator allow easy access. Inside, there is plenty of room for coats and personal items in the reception area. As you enter the stunning main hall with its spectacular 12 foot ceilings, and serene design, you will know that this is the special place for your event. Fourteen beautifully draped windows frame special views in every direction. To the east and south, the ever changing colors of the Chugach Mountains capture your attention. Dazzling Alaskan sunsets fill the western windows.

Admiral’s Place has a full catering kitchen and dinner seating is available for groups up to 110 people. You are free to choose your own catering service. There is also a self-service coffee bar. Arrangements may be made for a drink bar.

Entertainment and business equipment include audio visual such as a movie screen, large flat screen TV, CD & DVD player, sound system, secure internet, stage area and additional items.

For more information please call
Mrs. Nyboer at 562-3090

Admiral's Place
9350 Independence Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99507